Lefty Instructions

Thanks for purchasing the FORK UP by Hurricane Components. This particular model of FORK UP was designed especially for the Cannondale® Lefty™ single leg fork. You’ll find this patented design easy to use, and the most secure way to transport your bike on any fork mounted rack system. The FORK UP, winner of a “Rave Five Star Review”* and named “Top 10 Product of 1999”*, is available in nine different models to fit any fork manufactured. If you have any questions about the FORK UP or the contents of this manual don’t hesitate to contact us. See the back page for phone numbers and email contacts.

FORK UP Installation is a 3 Step Process
Remove Front Wheel – Install Fork Up- Attach to Bike Rack


The Lefty front hub uses a self-extracting bolt to attach the wheel to the Lefty’s axle spindle. The bolt is held into the hub by a cap which is screwed into the non-disc side of the hub using a pin spanner tool. The self-extracting bolt and cap combination is very similar to that used on CODA® Tarantula Competition. The cap should not be removed, it is there to hold the axle bolt into the hub.

  1. Using a 5mm Allen wrench, loosen both disc brake caliper bolts, and rotate the caliper up approximately 90° out of the way. It is not necessary to remove the brake caliper, only loosen it & move it up out of the way. (If you remove the caliper completely, please refer to your Cannondale Lefty Fork Owner’s Manual for proper reinstallation.)
  2. Using a 6mm (in some cases 5mm) Allen wrench, unscrew the axle bolt which attaches the wheel to the fork’s axle spindle in a counter-clockwise direction. Note that the bolt is held in the hub by the self-extracting cap, and will stay attached to the hub even when the wheel is removed from the axle spindle. There is no need to remove the cap from the hub.
  3. Pull the wheel off of the axle spindle.


The FORK UP comes self equipped with its own self extracting cap and bolt, so there is no need to remove any parts from your fork or axle. Do not remove the cap and bolt from the FORK UP.

  1. Start by installing the FORK UP while your bike is still on the ground. Slide the FORK UP, with the open end first, onto the exposed spindle.
  2. With a 6mm (some have 5mm) Allen wrench, tighten down the bolt on the FORK UP in a clockwise direction until it becomes securely fastened to the fork spindle/leg.

Note: The optimum position for the FORK UP is to have the FORK UP legs run parallel with the fork leg, unless you are running several bikes on your rack, and you have conflicting handlebar heights, than the FORK UP can be rotated up to 180°.


  1. Check all connections making sure all bolts are tight and the FORK UP is securely attached to your fork, than securely attach the FORK UP onto your Fork mounted rack. As always, follow the manufacturer’s directions on securely tightening down the quick release before driving.

Note: Be sure FORK UP and bike are mounted securely to your bike rack before driving.


  • Remove the bike from your fork mounted rack.
  • Set the bike on the ground, and with a 6mm (some have 5mm) Allen  wrench, loosen the bolt on the FORK UP in a counter-clockwise direction. (Do not remove the cap and bolt from the FORK UP.) This will enable you to remove the FORK UP from the spindle.


  1. Slide the front wheel onto the axle spindle with the disc side of the hub closest to the fork leg. Make sure to press the wheel straight onto the axle spindle so that the bolt threads will correctly engage with the threads in the spindle.  spindle.
  2. Using a 6mm (in some cases 5mm) Allen wrench, securely tighten the axle bolt to 80 In-Lbs (9 Nm.)
  3. Rotate the disc brake caliper back down to it’s original position slipping the caliper over the brake rotor so that rotor runs between the brake pads. Check to be sure that both brake pads are in the caliper. Be sure that the shims are on the inside of the fork’s disc brake mount, not directly under the head of the claiper bolts. Securely tighten both caliper bolts to 69-78 In-Lbs (8-9 Nm.) (If you completely removed your caliper rather than just rotating up, please refer to your Cannondale Lefty Fork Owners Manual for proper front wheel and brake reinstallation.)

NOTE: Before riding, be sure to double check your front brake caliper bolts, making sure all bolts are tight and secure and that your front brake works properly.


As with all your bicycle rack components, periodically check the Fork Up for any excessive wear, including rust or cracks. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure that your rack that you will be installing it on is in good working order.


The Fork Up carries a limited 3-year warranty for defects in material and workmanship. Coverage begins on the user’s date of original purchase. This warranty is limited to the original purchaser. Proof of original purchase is required. This can take the form of a photocopy of the original sales receipt. The warranty does not cover defects arising from misuse, abuse, accidents, alterations, lack of preventative maintenance, or failure to install according to the instructions and proper procedures.

*Mountain Bike Action, November 1998, Mountain Bike Magazine, January 1999
Cannondale, Lefty and CODA are registered  trademarks with Cannondale Corp., Bethel, CT., USA

US Patent Number 6036069